Do you have games on your phone? Are they yours or your kids’? When I first got an iPhone (was it a 3G? I have a 6Plus now and maybe a 4 in between?) I was determined to keep the apps to one page. Am I misremembering? Was that a thing with the 3G? Or did it not kick in until the 4? I can’t remember. All I know is that I liked not seeming like everyone else with a multitude of apps having to scroll screen to screen.

I have five pages to scroll through now. I blame the third grader.

Of the five pages, I was only using stuff on one and two, at first. The rest are Apple-provided things I can’t delete (but should maybe group into one space labeled Stuff I Don’t Use) and games. His games. And then somehow he moved my three games — THREE GAMES I PLAY — to random places. So the main game I play is Ruzzle. It’s on the first page still. It’s a word search game that I could genuinely play for hours a day. Perhaps I have. Ruzzle is the only game I have ever bought. Everything else is free and if there’s a paid version, I don’t care.

Next is Seekers Notes and it’s quickly becoming more addictive than Ruzzle. It’ll never beat it, though, because it goes off of energy. Each time I play it decreases energy, so I play it sparingly because again, not paying anything. (Seekers Notes is free but you can buy energy through the game. Nope. I’ll just wait six hours for it to regenerate, thanks.) This game is about finding hidden objects. The Post used to have a page of games on Sundays’ physical newspaper ooooh where you had to spot the difference in one and the other you had to find hidden objects. I loved them. I have no idea if they still do that because physical papers. Next you’re gonna tell me your paper boys aren’t grown ass men in Hyundais hurling papers in the rain that aren’t even in a plastic sleeve.

The last game is Wordalot. My coworker turned me on to this one. You have to solve the crossword based off of a photo. I play that one mainly on the subway because it makes it easier to pass the time if I don’t have my book.

The boy has basketball and football and minions and Pokemon and Piano Tiles and Rolling Sky and Dancing Line and Mr. Jump and Tap Tap Dash and OK K.O. and more And I have three games. Three. I wonder if he knows it’s my phone.


(Say nothing about the emails. I deleted a lot back in the summer and then I don’t know what happened — again — but if you’re not going to help me, Gladys, stop looking at me like that.)

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