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Our Brown Babies

MyBrownBaby_Denene Millner Cover Image

Born from the critically acclaimed My Brown Baby website, My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children dropped today from New York Times Bestselling Author Denene Millner’s imprint, Denene Millner Books.

What you’ve come to expect since 2008 from the My Brown Baby site — that purposeful, gleeful recognition of parenting while black — you’ll get in the essays in this book. What you’ve come to expect from Denene the bomb writer — she who has penned more than 20 of your faves — you’ll get in the essays in this book.

I have three brown babies. Three people for whom I am responsible. Three people to whom I must teach way too many things to remember without a bona fide manual. Ain’t no damn bona-fide manual, so know that we’re all winging this parenting gig together. But, together, we can be successful.


I haven't misplaced one yet.

I haven’t misplaced one yet.


I am proud of Denene, not just because this book is vibrant with its bright, beautiful, black-child-laden pages, but because to hear her name is to know of her hustle. To read her words is to know of her determination both in writing and in being a resource for black parents. To see this book come to fruition is to know where her heart is, that her wishes for her children are what she wishes for yours; that what you’re going through, she may have been through and can wave to you from the other side where you’ll someday be; that what you’re experiencing socially, politically, emotionally, physically, in parenting, marriage, your career, yo’ hair — these things matter to her and she voices them on the website and addresses them in this glorious book.

From the publisher:

“MyBrownBaby collects perspectives on family, motherhood, and the issues that moms of color—and mothers of children of color—face as they raise their kids. Full of essays that readers of all backgrounds will find engrossing, this book acknowledges that there are issues that African American parents must deal with that white parents never have to confront if they’re not raising brown children. Millner chronicles these differences with open arms, a lot of love, and the deep belief that though they may come from separate places and have different backgrounds, all parents want the same things for their families, and especially for their children.”

Order today on Amazon. Today.

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