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Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Election results and what’s transpired since last Tuesday’s Debacle of Degeneracy:

Safety pins. They keep bras together for the titty gifted. They keep pants closed when you can’t afford a new pair after becoming an unwanted 12 after being an 8 for years. Basically the pins sit in the bathroom until you need them, but not where you left them, WHY AREN’T THEY WHERE I LEFT THEM, and puts something back together, temporarily, that was likely previously moderately ok, but now says nope, I’m out.

You telling me you’re safe doesn’t automatically make you safe for or to me. Trying to prove to me you’re one of the ones who didn’t vote for him is moot. It’s done. Over. People voted the way they did; can’t go back now (no matter the amount of protests and threats of impeachment, it’s done). You don’t get to decide who I deem as safe. Y’all jumped on this bandwagon of visual pin reprisal so quickly. Have you even thought how this places you in harm’s way if the wrong person sees your pin? Ooh, look at me still putting you first. And I apologize to the nice white ladies I know who think this symbolism is tantamount to saying Black Lives Matter, who know you’re good, are well-meaning, how dare I contradict your goodness.

If I were in a dangerous situation, understand that seeing your pin wouldn’t necessarily put me at ease. It might automatically give me the I have a savior now feeling, but what if you aren’t able/willing in that situation? You get to decide; I don’t. Bc pin aside, if you aren’t in a position to help in that moment — you’re on the train, have your young kids and I’m being physically assaulted — what does the pin do but make me wish I hadn’t seen it? Oh, darn, now you’re feeling attacked. And my use of darn when you know my usual language seems, I don’t know, patronizing. But listen, Linda. The pin is patronizing. I don’t feel like explaining why. Look it up; find out for yourself.

The pin is a knee-jerk gesture. Where’s your actual action?

The amount of racially motivated attacks since his election are astounding (or worse, not), in elementary schools even. Look how fast your precious pin was snatched by white supremacists and now means something else entirely. Again, look it up to see what they’re doing, what your wearing might mean to “others.”

I am not telling you how to feel. I’m asking you to think harder. Whether you’re “safe” or “good” or not does not change with or without a pin. It feels like an attempt to tell¬†yourselves apart among yourselves. That type of exaltation between y’all might work, but it doesn’t reach its goal outside of you. Now I’ve offended you because you were just trying to prove–something, shit, I give up.


So much sadness.

So. Many. Racially. Motivated. Situations.

Don’t tell me he might not follow through on any actions he threatened while campaigning. He showed us who he was then. I’m not holding out much hope that David Blaine will magically correct that man’s determination of detritus. I am fearful for my Muslim friends, fearful for those afraid of deportation of themselves or loved ones. Whether you think it was all talk and too foolhardy (or undoable) a mission as president doesn’t matter. Don’t discount folks’ honest reactions and fears.

Dave on SNL. Oh, he said nigger like 276 times. I abhor the word. Typing it gives me a weird shoulder tic, but typing with an asterisk in the i space as though you aren’t reading it as nigger regardless, is pointless. Typing “the n word” instead of the full word reminds me of spelling around kids who already know phonics. Don’t equate that man’s win with another man’s word choice.¬† Did it make you turn SNL off? I didn’t think so.


Oh, boy. If reports are true about people he’s choosing for his cabinet? I am fearful for ALL OF US.

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