We like to pretend that we are smarter, more open, evolved, aware. Many of us are. And yet, look where we are. Black and brown people are being murdered before our eyes, here and abroad, by those the same color as them and those not. By those in professions of power, and those not. We are being forced out, threatened with walls to keep us from returning. We are being told we don’t belong, aren’t wanted. Our religious beliefs are persecuted. Our love lives, even consensual sexual acts, are fought against. Our bodies are not our own because decisions about them are still made by others.

I remember President Obama saying there was no way Trump would make it this far. He wouldn’t get the nomination; he wasn’t a real contender; no one was foolish enough to elevate him. #ThanksObama

It could happen, y’all. He could actually win. Think about that. Think about what it means even if he doesn’t win. Projections have this as a close race. It’s not going to be a landslide either way, but more telling is that it won’t be a landslide for Clinton. There are millions of people in our country who are purposefully voting for Trump, willingly.

This is moving in the opposite direction of removing the veil on racism, elitism, classism, colorism. A Trump presidency will increase divisiveness in all those areas.

What happens after tomorrow? If Hillary wins, what happens to all the vocal or quiet Trump supporters? Their hate won’t magically go back into hiding. They’ve gotten too comfortable unleashing it. Trump likes to pretend he doesn’t incite hatred, but he absolutely does. It is palpable, the look in the eyes of some who want to return America to its greatness. He has been endorsed by the KKK. He hasn’t denounced it. He jokes about it, says he can’t control what others do. He condones attacks on protestors at his rallies. There is no place for voices of dissent. He is a petulant child during debates. He cares about no one other than white men in his financial class. Listen. He doesn’t even care about the poor white people who are blindly following him.

Many were speaking recently about not being apologists for Trump supporters. We want to be inclusive of others’ choices, but when those choices fly against all sensibility–politics aside, supporting him is humanly insensible–it feels false. What’s more important, making his supporters we think might not be too far gone But is it even fair to consider them too far gone, off the deep end? That seems callous. Just call them what they are: hate peddlers. There is NO other way to consider those who support him. You hate Hillary? Fine. You don’t identify with any independent person? Fine. But you SUPPORT Trump? He speaks to your ideals, what you want for this country, yourself, your children, the economy, international relationships? That’s telling about you, and what it tells ain’t pretty no matter how hard we try to dress it up with being understanding.

I read an article this past weekend about women who (still) support Trump. Absent, glaringly, is their responses to his comments about women. One woman feeds into this false belief that democrats believe in receiving handouts. Man, this incenses me. It’s so much bigger than the government helping those in need. What happened to being willing to look out for your fellow person? The woman is quoted as saying something about ask for more overtime. Ah. How’s that gonna work out for the unemployed person?

There’s a woman who justifies his “groping” — call it was it was: pussy grabbing —  as healthy between heterosexual people. Seriously, lady? Just because I like men doesn’t mean I want one arbitrarily grabbing on me. She said she gropes back. Really? He grabs titty, you grab dick? What kind of an existence is that when a woman should expect to be grabbed and just be prepared to get her own feels right back? Nah, son. You grab me, I might grab back, but you best believe it won’t be sensual. There will be a dig and a twist with mine. She said we’re all becoming wusses, that soon “saying hello to someone is going to be considered harassment.” This is a woman who is voting for Trump because he’s a businessman rather than a traditional politician, which OK, refreshing, sure. But is it also refreshing to hear the person you’re electing to the highest office in the land call women fat pigs? And there’s the rub: she doesn’t care. Much like the woman in the article who says she’s not voting on character. Or, apparently, morals.

There’s the woman who criticizes Hillary for staying with Bill. There’s the woman who thinks Trump is crude, but she’s still voting for him because party over pride. There’s the woman who thinks Trump is ill-informed, but she’s voting for him because he opposes abortion. Then there’s the one woman who is Republican but voting for Clinton because Republicans, at their base, are not Trump. They are not anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, anti-Black, pussy grabbers.

I am fascinated by the rise of Hitler. Understand, now, I’m not comparing Trump to Hitler. I don’t think even he deserves that comparison. Is Trump a malicious, vile person? Yes. Is he comparable to Hitler? I want to believe not, at least not yet. Thinking Black people deserve to be in servitude doesn’t mean one wants slavery to return. Building a wall to keep people out doesn’t mean one wants to murder them. I’ve often wondered (and finally looked into) how Hitler was able to convince so many people that Jews were dispensable, unworthy, less than. It was all about fear. Trump’s entire campaign hinges on his being able to bully and scare people. Hitler rose because people were afraid for their lives if they went against him, were afraid for their families. There is nothing like being scared, even if it means being party to unimaginable, hateful, cruel, unAmerican things. I’d like to think America today would fight against that sort of fascist tyranny. I’m also aware that Black people would fight like hell to save ourselves and our fellow humans, regardless of race or sex. But. It’s not us we need to know will fight for us.

I don’t know what will happen after Tuesday night, regardless of who wins. I do know that I don’t trust either Clinton or Trump. What I’m most afraid of is the level of open hate Trump has allowed racists to exhibit. Even some of the women supporters of his I mentioned note that he is hateful. He appeals to people who feel the same way, who feel cheated in life by democrats, who feel superior and don’t appreciate non-Whites acting so damn uppity and deserving, getting jobs, going to school, owning homes. Being president for two terms. Again, this hate isn’t going to disappear overnight. There are people in this world who have been waiting for the chance to spew viciousness (though they just call it speaking their minds), to say how they really feel about Black and brown people, about immigrants, about women, about gay marriage. In fact, I fear a Trump loss will simply increase it, increase their being vocal about how they need to aggressively make America great again.

I am more fearful of where we’ll end up with Trump in office, but I’m not moving to Canada or Australia, or wiring a few thousand to a billionaire to get money to go to Africa. I’m an American. My ancestors built this country; it is mine. It is my children’s. It is all of ours, it belongs to whomever wants to come here to better their lives. That’s what America is about: freedom, chance. No one person has the right to take that away from us.

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