Wordful Wednesday: Pictures and Sisters

I hope their love for one another never falters. I hope they remember these early days of learning together, teaching one another, just being together. I hope they look back on their childhood with fondness, remembering key things about each other. I hope I’m doing all I can to instill a mutual respect, fostering a love like no other, the love of siblings. I hope.

It was raining and he refused to use his umbrella, preferring instead (okay, yes, demanding!) to use his sister’s.

His sisters were away at a sleepover and he refused to go to sleep without wearing one of their bracelets. He needed something of theirs close to him, he was so thrown off by their both being away.

Sisters are what make little brothers happy (also infuriated when he’s told no, but that’s not the point).


Sisters. The best kiss givers ever (outside of Mommy, of course).


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