Wordful Wednesday: Little Girl Hair. And Lots of It.

I have daughters. Two of them. My niece is usually a staple with us every other weekend, so let’s say I have three. Three daughters. Three girls. With lots of hair. The hair of life, the threes of them. Every weekend is the same: wash, blow dry, braid. Or, wash and braid. Or, wash, blow dry, flat iron. Or, no wash, and good God would you just sit down so I can have a drink while I tackle all of your hair.
I like to do one a day (because two a day leaves me no time to do anything else). I aspire to do one on Friday night, one on Saturday morning or afternoon, but aspirations are stupid and usually unmet. I haven’t even been living up to the one a day lately, finding myself stressed on Sunday morning decided between church and hair (because let’s face it; if I’m not home from church and starting head number one by noon, I’ll be doing hair until after dinner. No one wants that. And church is never over by noon).
A typical Sunday for the past few weeks has gone like this:
Me at 9:30: Come on, ladies; it’s time to get up. Someone needs to get in the shower to get her hair washed so we can get started.
Them: Moans and groans and dramatic burrows under covers.
Me at 9:45: Ladies. I’m waiting. Unless you want to walk around bushy headed all week long or in two cornrows, one of you will get up and make it happen.
Me (inside): Please just say ok to two cornrows, please just say ok to two cornrows.
You see, this is all my fault. They used to be ok with two cornrows. Two cornrows used to be cute. And then I started doing actual styles and two cornrows are so no good enough anymore.
The past few months, I’ve let Saturday go right on by and Sunday presents too little time to give each girl the style she wants for the week. I’ve been trying to braid tighter so that it lasts longer, but so far, we’re still going at it weekly. If I start at noon, I can finish one by 2, make lunch, start the other by 3, maybe be done by 5:30, 6:00. Eh. I stop for drinks and chips. But, on occasion, I’ve been at it until after 9:00, a full half hour after bedtime is supposed to be. This needs to stop.
This past weekend I had a dinner party to go to Saturday night for a friend’s 40th birthday. There was no way I was not going. I had all three girls. I intended on doing one Friday night and the other two starting early Saturday morning. About that. I am tired when I get home from work. I don’t want to do anything usually but eat and go to bed, which is just what I did (with a bit of reading and tv watching thrown in).
Saturday morning, though, I got them up and started undoing my niece’s hair at 10:00. I washed and blow dried one. Then I washed and blow dried another. I started on this right after lunch. It took an hour:
This is my niece. I started her hair at 3:30. This took an hour and 15 minutes. I sent my older daughter up to shower and wash her own hair. I started her hair at 4.
This took an hour and a half.
I won’t be repeating three in a day anytime soon. But, I’m definitely trying to convince myself to do one today and one tomorrow so that Sunday is free.
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