I Resolve to Have No Resolutions

Much like last year (and years before), I haven’t made resolutions. I can’t lie. I disappoint myself a lot. I’ll be damned if I’m going to tell all of you (the millions of you reading, you know) what I intend on doing. Because I will inevitably set unrealistic goals, not meet them, then be embarrassed. Self-inflicted embarrassment is not my idea of a good time. So, I keep my goals to myself. When I complete one, I’ll let you know. Until then…carry on.

I realized, looking back, that there was a period of time when I first started this blog that I’d go months without posting. Whereas I feel bad now about going a few days, I literally went four months back in 2009. I can’t imagine that happening now.

I’ve got a few new things on tap for the blog in the next week or so, so be on the lookout. That’s not a resolution, though; that’s just something I’ve been working on. And see? I didn’t tell you beforehand because then there’s all the pressure to actually do. That sucks. Don’t pressure me, interwebs.

Happy new year. I’m about to give 2012 hell. That’s a promise, not a resolution. Although, wait, I guess I am resolving to do it, so, hm. Never mind. Who’s got donuts?

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