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The boy plays with the girls’ toys. I hadn’t thought much about this until:

“Mommy, why does he play with girl things?” asked while embarrassingly giggling.
“Um, he’s the first boy and he’s still little so we haven’t really gotten much ‘boy’ stuff yet.”
That’s all I had. And it’s the truth. But, more interestingly, why, at seven, does she already think this could be an issue for him? Already she’s assuming something must be wrong that he likes this bag decorated with dresses and a plastic phone that he gabs into while carrying said dress-bag (just like she does):

Or, that he’s not all boy if he carries her sparklerama purse which doubles as a book bag (like she does):
Or, that it’s not boyish that he likes to push the doll stroller (like they do) (usually Elmo is riding but this day he threw him onto the floor and screamed, “Elmo night night!”:
Or, that he is somewhat girly because he likes to sit in the doll stroller himself. Um, it moves. And he’s one. And it moves. Duh.

I explained to her that he plays with what he sees them play with, just like he takes out pots and cooks imaginary food when I’m making dinner. Just like he brushes his hair with an imaginary brush when he sees daddy brush his own. Just like he rubs his dry hands together and then rubs his body when he sees anyone, even people on TV, putting on lotion. He’s an imitator.
I told her that I couldn’t care any less what he plays with. And I’m in no hurry to get him “boy” toys. He plays with their dolls alongside them just as much as he throws a ball or pushes a car and says “vroooooom.” He is as acrobatic and full-on climbing, jumping, head butting boy as he is sensitive to them when he kisses and hugs them good night murmuring, “mmmm, thank you.” It is fine for him to play with their things and do what they do.
“Even when he leaves the house with my headband on?”
“Even then.”

Besides, the headband usually only makes it to the car before it becomes a flying disc.

(Note: This is a re-post. The original post was lost due to Blogger’s outage earlier today).

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