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Every year I ask the same question. And every year I end up in the same position: what will the kids do for camp? How will we find worthwhile camps? And then there’s the subject of paying for camp. Registration usually starts in late March. For summer. WTF? I’m trying to limit my use of WTF, but seriously…WTF?

This year the girls will enjoy gymnastics, swimming, airbrushing, track and field, and making a musical. Each camp is a two-week session for $210. Times two. Again, WTF? I keep wondering, if I ran a camp, would I  charge prices high as a giraffe’s ass? I doubt it. I’d have to find a way to offer awesome activities at reasonable prices. Because really, what are they actually getting? Will they know how to swim at the end of these two weeks? Will they advance from silver to gold in gymnastics? Will the oldest girl know how to cartwheel? Will they make lasting friendships with girls they otherwise wouldn’t have encountered? These are my hopes, but they are also unknowns.

Outside of camp, my goal is to get to the beach at least once, whether it’s Myrtle, Virginia, or Ocean City. Yes, at this point I’m desperate and would even settle for (gasp! and gulp!) Sandy Point. OK, probably not Sandy Point. I want to take the boy to Sesame Place and the girls to Hershey. I want to go to Kings Dominion at least once although now I can’t get slimed in Nickelodeon since that feature has been replaced by Snoopy (I believe; don’t hold me accountable for not knowing all the latest news on Kings Dominion).

No matter how you look at it, I want this to be a fun-filled, memorable summer for the girls (and for daddy and me; hell, let’s throw in the boy’s nearly two-year-old remembrance too). I want smoothies and lazy afternoons and running through the sprinkler. I want to actually use our grill and the deck. And I won’t even mind getting grass burns again attempting to accurately navigate the slip ‘n’ slide.

In all, I just want to have fun. I want them smiling wondering what’s up for tomorrow. That’s what I want.

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