The boy is different from the girls. By the time the oldest girl was 19 months she was holding full conversations with us. Outsiders marveled, but it was normal to us. The second girl was less of a conversationalist, but she had more individual words and her pronunciation was spectacular. This boy at nearly two, though? Hmmm.

He has a few words that are absolutely clear: no, yes, thank you, go (which must be said go go go), coat, out, up, down, yeah, please (although it’s pease), mommy, daddy, hi, bye, ball (his first word), book (his second word), eat, butt, teeth, eyes, nose, ear, sit, night, shoe, Elmo (Emmo), juice (duice), yay (with a clap). Then there are the words or phrases that are clear only to us: le me lo (leave me alone), Gabba (as in Yo Gabba Gabba), and mon (as in come on, complete with a hand gesture waving us to him or a full hand pull).

Interestingly, he makes up for his lack of words (it seems like a lack to us because of how verbose the girls were) by showing an amazing amount of understanding. He follows directions perfectly so we know he comprehends. He just doesn’t always talk back. For instance: put this in the trash (he walks to the trash can and puts said item in); let’s go is met with “coat!”. When he wants to watch Elmo on the computer he moves his chair in front of it. If we say cover your mouth, he’ll do it. He follows commands wonderfully for his age. But, he doesn’t respond verbally like the girls did.

Another difference is potty training. He seems to be slightly earlier than the girls were. The oldest just one day starting using the toilet and never looked back. The second was just as easy. There were never these dragged out scenes of poop on the floor or refusal to use the pot or toilet. He has been telling us for months, almost since he was walking at 14 months, when he’s used the bathroom. Butt butt. (Mind you, we have no idea where he got that phrase from. It doesn’t irk me nearly as much as his saying “eat eat” when  it’s time to eat. Ugh, why do people insist on speaking baby talk to…babies?)

We’ve put him on the toilet a few times and we know they ask routinely at daycare if the kids need to go. Whether he’s fully ready to start training? I’m not so sure. It’s just interesting to note the differences between the three of them. The girls were laid back, easy going, never a tantrum. He is most decidedly going to be a tantrum thrower. Weird as it sounds, I can’t wait. Although I’m not looking forward to it, I am open to him being him, however different he continues to be in temperament from the girls.

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