Chicken, chicken, chicken. I have fried, boiled, baked, barbecued, broiled, sliced, diced, fricasseed, cacciatored, stir fried, ground, roasted, wrapped, stuffed, Crock potted, you name it. I have come to the end of the chicken menu. Again.

Dinner varies enough so that it’s not all chicken all the time, but sometimes it feels like all we eat is chicken. I draw the line at pot pies and casseroles. Ew. Sure, we try to offer a variety of foods: catfish, tilapia, salmon, salmon cakes, turkey, sausage, pasta, tacos, even the occasional pork chop. But chicken always finds its way into the pan and onto the table. I’m tired of chicken.

So, a new feature of the blog will be a tab at the top of the page called Eat It (with other new tabs I Like Banging and Music) offering dinner suggestions (or just telling you what we’ve been eating in case it jolts you out of a similar chicken-induced, dinner downward spiral).

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