I need professional assistance. My house is in utter disarray. It is chaotic! I need organization because I have to teach these girls that clothes are not to be thrown on the floor or discarded haphazardly around the house (as mommy has a tendency to do). Lead by example, right? Uh huh, sure, right.

This month marked 10 years we’ve lived in this house. Ten years. I’ve told daddy many times in these years that the house doesn’t feel like a home; we just live here. It doesn’t feel warm and cozy and lived-in. I have not helped much in the area of making it more of a home: decorating, painting, etc. But I’m ready now. Can’t keep complaining if I’m not also trying to fix it, right?

We are not dirty people. I didn’t grow up with an unkempt bedroom. It wasn’t allowed. It wasn’t even desired. I was neat (I am saying this rather indignantly). So why on Earth the girls’ room is a disaster is foreign to me (well, except that they have too much stuff and I don’t stay on top of them and it only gets cleaned when I yell that stuff is going in the trash). This is my proclamation to do better by them and their room, by our home.

I’ve found a few things I think will help me make the house more homey. But before we buy anything, I know we need to repaint first and we should finish one room before starting another. There are exterior projects I have in mind as well (mainly the fact that I have always detested the previous owner painting part of the bricks on the front of the house white. Why, odd pre-owner, why?). I also need to establish family guidelines/routines on order. For instance, the minute we clean the dining room table, it’s cluttered again. Mail lives on that table for months before its sent off to death by shredding (which usually only follows an aggravated search for one piece of mail I know I saw on the table just yesterday). Here’s a thought: maybe if I make a list of all the things that seem to continuously find their way to the wrong place, then find an alternative place (the place where they should actually go), it will get better. It has to get better.

Overall, I feel like I need a project to throw myself into. So, a new feature of the blog will be a tab above called I Like Banging. This page will serve as a chronicle of our home and how we will ultimately change its rooms, achieving the “homey” effect I so desperately crave. Room number one is that of those girls. I’ll show (embarrasingly enough) before pictures, then pictures at each stage until the end.

I can so do this.

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