Daycare Day # 2

So. He’s been at the new daycare for two days. Day one went well. He wouldn’t sleep at nap time, kept getting up when the teacher would turn her head. He’d head straight for the blocks, looking at the other kids asleep as though they were missing out on all the fun. He wasn’t given the pacifier. He cried, but not the “someone’s beating me, please save me, I can’t breathe” cry. He saved that for Monday night when we didn’t give him the pass at bedtime.

And oh, how he cried. For 40 virtually unbearable minutes I damn near cried with him. I found it gave me another (and another and another) reason to visit the fridge for a beer. Daddy stayed firm though and he eventually fell asleep without the pacifier. Today, his daily sheet from daycare says he was whiny all day and cried a lot. But, they noted that as long as he was engaged in an activity he was fine. It was when they transitioned to lunch or nap time that he had a hard time. Again today he cried at nap time but still not hard (methinks he’s trying to play the parents, smart boy that he is). And no pacifier. It’s interesting, actually. Initially, he didn’t even want to take it. I wonder why I pushed it on him.

I’m afraid of tonight. If it were up to me, we’d have phased the pacifier out rather than make him go cold turkey. Thinking of him frustrated at daycare bothers me. This is how I imagine he looks, on the verge of tears:

I know it’s for the best that the pass go now, but at the same time, I can’t help feeling like restricting it to naps and bedtime like we’ve been doing is the best way to go (at least bedtime only like we did with the girls. Note that the oldest cried for three nights – a “these people are not my parents because my parents love me and would give me the pass” relentless cry. The middle girl? Please. She couldn’t have possibly cared less. I think she threw them away herself when we asked her to).

So. I’m hoping tonight will offer less theatrics. Last night was hard. At least with the girls I was prepared. This time it just seems, well, wrong. And forced. Overall, though, pacifier drama aside, I am glad that his days are not full of crying. He is adjusting to the new daycare, seems to like the teachers and I’m sure by next week we’ll be so engrossed in a routine that all this will seem like “what drama?” Fingers crossed.

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