After Christmas

It’s come and gone. My wish is that the excitement (or merry sentiment) would last longer. I hate the buildup to the day, then waking in the early morning, watching them tear through paper, smiles all around, and then all too quickly…nothing. It’s almost as if once the paper’s off it’s time to return to reality (which, unfortunately, means all the shit we unnecessarily bought is going to be pushed to the side in three days’ time, forgotten).

When did Christmas become so commercial? And why do we as consumers continue to allow ourselves to plummet into the depths of buyer Hell? Don’t get me wrong; I’m a gift-giver and I do enjoy it. I like seeing their happy faces. I suppose this year with all of its unfortunateness near and far just has me out of sorts, contemplating more, thinking there must be more.

Overall, the girls enjoyed the day and hopefully will continue to enjoy their gifts. The boy got to pull paper off of boxes then pay no attention to what was contained within the boxes. It was funny to realize these were his first “real” toys. He had a few plush toys and teething rings that he finally discarded not long ago. And he has a table at which he can stand and play (which started out as a walker that circled the table but the seat was removable). In October I bought him (finally) one of the toys similar to a Jack-in-the-Box where you push one, out pops a panda. You pull one and out pops a lion. There are five such animal pop-out things. Until Christmas, these were all the toys he had. He was utterly satisfied with pulling out Tupperware and flinging them across the floor, then trying to fit them back inside the cabinet (he is never able to actually fit them back in, though, and luckily for me, he will oftentimes try the entire time I’m cooking dinner). He was happy playing with the empty recyclables, pretending already to drink from them. He was much more interested in things that were not baby appropriate toys. He still is. I don’t mind. As long as he’s not wielding a knife again, he can play as he likes (that happened on daddy’s time, not mine!).

I like Christmas, truly I do. I don’t mean to sound so utterly unhappy with my life, the world. I like the decorations, the live tree, the late night wrapping (while tipsy). I like going to church (although I did not even attempt this year). But I also like and know the true meaning of Christmas. I guess ultimately I wish we could all just concentrate on that aspect more than increasing our debt to income ratios. And I guess if I want this so badly it is within my power to make it happen, at least for my little corner of the world. Ask me how that works out Christmas 2011.

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