My nine-year-old is, well, 10 now

She stands at my shoulder. She is developing breasts that are probably already bigger than mine were pre-babies (and will be post-baby this time around once I’m done nursing). I look at her some days and wonder where has my baby gone? I can’t easily recall her at five, let alone two, or how she pronounced milk as mirk.

Her birthday fell the day before Thanksgiving this year as it did the year she was born. I was secretly hoping she wouldn’t ask for a party and, thankfully, she didn’t. She wanted dinner and a movie with a few friends. Movie: Megamind. Dinner: (oh so fancy, is she) IHOP. Who am I to stand in the way of fulfilling her birthday wishes(especially since kids eat free with a paying adult)?

Tangled was being released that day so it was pushing Megamind out of theatres. It was still playing, limited, and primarily 3D only (which is $12/apiece). The closest theatre to us that was playing it in 2D was (gulp) The Marlow. I hadn’t been there since it reopened. I remembered it as unkempt and run-down. My memory was accurate. But, we had the theatre to ourselves and I figured an hour and a half wouldn’t be too detrimental to their young psyches (or noses, because boy did it stink to me).

So, the nine of us (five girls, the baby, daddy, daddy’s mama, my daddy and me) saw Megamind and it was excellent. Dinner was equally enjoyable (10 year olds can be amazingly witty). And the girl was happy. What more is there?

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