When did it become ok?

I have a few pet peeves. It’s my blog, I can bitch if I want to.

1. If you smoke, doesn’t it make more sense to put out your cigarette in your car, then dispose of the butt(s) when you get to your destination? At what point did it become ok to simply dispose of it out the car window or just throw it down when walking? I don’t mean any harm, and I’m not targeting smokers only, but this simply incenses me!

2. If you’re in your car and you have any kind of trash, why can’t you wait until you get where you’re going to put it into a trash can? Is it really ok to you to throw a whole McDonald’s bag out your car window, Big Mac box and all?

3. What makes you think anyone wants to hear what’s going on inside your mouth? If you’re an adult, don’t pop your gum like you’re 9 and just learning how to do it. It’s annoying. And pointless. If someone can tell me a legitimate point/purpose for it…go.

4. Don’t water the bricks. It’s already hard to maneuver the unlevel red bricks downtown. Making them wet only adds to pedestrians’ dismay. It’ll rain eventually. There’s no reason to hose down the damn sidewalk just because.

5. They’re called house shoes for a reason!

Whew, I feel better.

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