Bra Blahs

Why does my 7-year-old need bigger breasts? Why do manufacturers think that marketing padded bras to this age group is appropriate? We’re walking along in Target and a pretty patterned one catches her eye. I explain to her that 1) she doesn’t quite need one yet (mind you I’m still waiting for my own to develop, but that’s a whole different conversation lemme tell ya) and 2) when she does, she won’t need extra fabric to make them look bigger. I don’t think I anticipated having to have the “your breasts are fine the way they are” talk with my third grader. Yet, I’m glad to have the opportunity to instill in her early that she is positively gorgeous and whatever amount she ends up with will be ample. Anyone who tells her different can kiss her…wait, that’s advice for much, much later, so never mind.

I just think it’s blatantly disrespectful to a woman’s individual body blueprint to suggest to children this young that no matter the size of your breasts they can always be bigger. My daughter’s already obsessed with the fact that she will someday have some amount of breasts and unfortunately for me, they are indeed budding already. I want her to feel adequate regardless of whether she is destined to be in an A cup for eternity like me or if she’ll be magically rewarded with genes from her dad’s family. Their cups runneth over ;o) Either way, isn’t it more important to solidify her belief in her own beauty (sans boobs) so that when they finally do present themselves she won’t be either disappointed or overly show-offy? Isn’t it my job, and even more so, her dad’s, not some money-hungry manufacturer, to let her know she doesn’t need anything additional? These are really nice words, I know, but this post was more for my benefit than yours. Because honestly, if I were to go through my own underwear drawer, I wouldn’t find many unpadded bras. Hmmmm That’ll be an interesting conversation with her, I’m sure. Perhaps I should start honing my want vs. need discussion. ‘Cause mommy is beyond cute every day…in her A cup. Just because I want more doesn’t mean I need more.

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