The time draws near

A gentleman said to me yesterday that he hopes Obama pulls through this election on top. He went on to say that he was initially behind Hillary but feels like Obama can do a “good enough” job in her place. Um, what exactly do you mean by “her place?” He went on to say that he was a staunch supporter of hers because she believed in what he believed in, he felt connected to her, and…she was married to Bill. WTF? One of his first-mentioned reasons for being behind her is her husband? Black people make me laugh saying Bill did so much for us, then it got screwed up entirely by dubbing him the first black president. I will give him credit for the strides he made. I will credit Hillary for policies she introduced, legislation that was worthwhile to all people, not just blacks or women, or the impoverished. She deserves our respect. Each of the Clintons was invaluable to our creating a better, more fulfilling, accountable government. Yet, neither of the Clintons is currently in the running to become America’s next president, and there is a legitimate reason, one crucial one being the mismanagement of funds of Hillary’s campaign. Is that really what we want or need going forward? Granted finances are not the only measure of one’s ability, but I’d at least like my future president to not be in the hole going in. How’s that look for how the deficit-ridden country’ll fare?

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