The charmed life

My husband’s grandmother is 90 years old. At their family reunion this past weekend, she was the oldest family member there. And I complain at 34. Why hasn’t anyone smacked me before now?

I couldn’t help but look at her looking at the “new” Clinton, NC. We sped six hours to get to the slowest place on earth. It was bliss! Walk slow, talk slow, take it easy. I wanted to stay. I’m sure I’d have gotten bored in the first month, but it would have been a wonderful month of absolute calm. She saw paved streets, real stores, and she experienced it with lots of us northerners.

Now, though, I’m back home until next Tuesday just padding around the house like what to do, what to do? There’re so many projects I don’t know where to start. I tend to mess up the projects I take on, too, so that may be why the greatest husband in the world is shooing me away from assisting.

Not long ago I asked for this: to stay at home, enjoy life without a real job, to enjoy the girls more. Know what I’ve found out these past few days? These little people get on my last damn nerve! LOL But I am enjoying it, especially when the popcorn gets knocked over for the third time and she bats those eyes and says “do you still love me when I make messes?”

We’ve got five more days…let’s go to the park! I’ll race you!

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