Self control

Do you lose your cool often? I hate to admit it, but I do, primarily with driving. However, though it used to manifest into aggressive driving, that stopped when I had a bad accident in January of this year (that wasn’t my fault; I was sitting still). I try to keep my composure when people do stupid things behind the wheel such as read the newspaper, or, of course, stay on the damn cell phone. I have been a repeat offender of the phone, I’ll admit, as well as makeup, but I haven’t done either since that accident. I thought the accident gave me clarity, perspective. Today, though, all that was shot to hell. I cursed. I yelled. I laid on the horn. I drove up a one-way street (sshh don’t tell). I drove over the curb (again, that’s between us). I tried practicing yoga breathing, rising about the inability to control the situation (or run people over). Nothing worked. I got to work and could think of nothing else but tequila. Tequila would have worked and I very much needed…wait, wanted…at least one shot. Jose Cuervo is a friend alike no other. But at 10:00 a.m.? Sorry, Jose, but, we must not rendezvous this early (anymore — that’s a whole different conversation, so don’t ask). It takes me 20 minutes to get to work (in traffic). Today, however, it took over an hour. Every street from 3rd to 13th was blocked off. Why for the love of all the shoes in my closet would they block off streets in rush hour? It is referred to as rush hour because we normally are rushing during those hours (although, shouldn’t it be called rush hours then? Hmmmmm). Would it have been too much to ask for the event to occur at 10:00? If it absolutely had to be done before then, why not let the public know (prior to the day of)? It’s no torturous act for me to catch the train; I could have avoided all of this had there been just a modicum of respectful information sharing.

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