Still on Freddie & Fannie

$5 trillion. I am still stumped. I owe a couple hundred thousand on my house, got a couple cars, need to pay off the student loans…can I get some forgiveness for my inability to stay away from Arden B? I mean, I have debt, but I’m nowhere near the trillions. Oh, wait, that’s right, I got some pocket change from the government. I’m sorry…stimulus. Riiiiiight. What exactly was it supposed to stimulate? I know what they said the intention was but, certainly they didn’t really expect me to spend it on some frivolous nothingness. It stimulated me into thinking which bill it would go toward. (Yes, yes, I am using “they” quite a bit. You know who they are. If you are confused and suspect you are a member of the elite they club…please exit blog left. There’s nothing to see here). Again, I can’t get past the trillion mark. The powers that be, presumably, make a considerable living at chief executive officering. So, why are these corporations this deep in the hole? Where is the money (is it rooted in foreclosures?) Perhaps the real question should be: how’re the shareholders doing?

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